Marie-Sarah Adenis is a French artist and designer with a degree in industrial design (ENSCI) and in biology (ENS, Ulm). In her work, she draws threads between the exceedingly small and the infinitely distant to highlight the relationships we have with these invisible worlds, such as DNA, bacteria, but also mythologies and ancient beliefs. The living is her material and she invents ways of displaying it. Halfway between a researcher and a storyteller, she relies on science to invent new tales of our world, interweaving other worldvision such as animism.
︎ Tousteszincs
︎ Reality and its shadow
︎ Oracular genomics  
︎ Dancing among the fossils
︎ The primordial soup

In 2020, she builds a project dedicated to DNA which will be developed the following year thanks to the AudiTalents prize. The project is exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris in 2021.
︎ Hanging on by a thread

© Thomas Landrain

Marie-Sarah is also the co-founder and the artistic director of PILI, a company that has developed an inovative and ecological way of producing color from bacteria. The production of these renewable colors will soon be used for textiles, inks and paints, in order to replace the current polluting petrochemical dyes.
︎ Color cell factories

PILI gave her the opportunity to search and develop a renewed vision of microbes throughout critical design projects, involving other artists. Together, they offer a new iconography of microbes that may change the way we perceive them.
︎ Glory to the microbes!
︎ the virus therefore I am

She also teaches in art and design schools (ENSCI, EnsAD, Beaux-Arts) exploring with students new contexts of transdisciplinary research, in order to create new bounds between life, technology and society.
︎ At the boundaries of the living


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