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Hanging on by a thread 

{ the DNA molecule as a common thread for a new story of the living }

“When we try to pick out anything by itself,
we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” 

John Muir

    This sentence by John Muir (19th century naturalist) illustrates very precisely the purpose of  Hanging on by a thread. The ambition of this project is to offer new narratives of the great story of life based on the DNA molecule, the common thread shared by all living beings. The goal is not to draw individual analysis, but to highlight our common stories. The phylogeny that brings us together since the dawn of time is particularly precious today, considering life is in deep crisis. Hanging on by a thread offers a sensitive experience of our genetics in order to provide a poetic insight into this archive that bonds us together whether we are human, bacteria or bird.

︎ exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo  //  december 2021 


Projet lauréat des AudiTalents (2020)
- programme de soutien à la création émergente -

En collaboration avec
Marie Truffier, Daniel Cadot et Léo Dumont-Deslaurier  |  assistants projet
Raphaël Kuntz  |  modeleur et animateur réalité virtuelle
Quentin Caille et Colin Johnco  |  compositeurs
Piotr Widelka  |  designer 
  Eric Chabellard  |  artisan tourneur
Karen Swami   |  artisan céramiste
Thomas Bonnotte  |  artisan fondeur
Atelier Lorenzi  |  artisan mouleur
Issinox  |  artisan chaudronnier

Gaël Charbau  |  commissaire d’exposition

Un grand merci à
Emile Kirsch, Aurélie Baron, Jérémie Blache